Cloud based telephone systems

An introduction to cloud phone systems

Cloud technology impacts us daily, from file storage to streaming box sets. We consume cloud without a second thought. It has transformed business operations in many aspects of business.

One of the fastest adopters of Cloud technology is undoubtedly the workplace with most organisations already hosting some amount of applications and many planning to add more in the near future. But what about hosted business telecommunications?

Cloud phone systems are gaining popularity. And with a wealth of features that can significantly enhance business communications, it is clear why.

So what is a cloud phone system?

A cloud based phone system or hosted PBX is a business phone system managed by a third-party provider and hosted in a data centre rather than from a physical infrastructure within your business premises.

How does a cloud phone system work?

The main system runs within the cloud, calls to your existing company telephone numbers are routed to the cloud system. It can be as simple as having an app on your smartphone, the app will ring on your smartphone just like any other telephone call.

In addition to the smartphone app, you can make and receive calls via your web browser on a computer or more traditionally you can have a physical handset on your desk, at work or at home.

Why should a business consider a hosted phone system?

A hosted phone system presents businesses with features and functionality far beyond that of even the most advanced business phone systems.

Key features include:

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