How can eCommerce benefit your business?

How does your business operate?

Do you have a physical store? Use telesales? Or perhaps a sales order or spreadsheet lands in your inbox for an order processor to handle.

These traditional sales methods are tried and tested and have worked successfully for decades. However, the quickest way to drive sales up whilst reducing operating costs is by selling online.

Whilst some businesses opt to go 100% online, ecommerce can also successfully complement physical storefronts.

Digital sales increase year on year. Seen by consumers as a quick, convenient way to make purchases, at any time of the day or night, 365 days a year, ecommerce takes your products to the customer without limitation.

Key benefits of ecommerce

Cost savings
There are numerous savings to be made through automating sales via an e-commerce platform, notably rent, utilities and order processing costs.

24/7 opening
Online retail enables your customers browse and buy from your website at their own convenience, at any time.

Promotions and incentives
Discount code pop up’s and time sensitive offers can encourage potential customers to take action whilst on your site. Cross selling and up selling is easily implemented using tactics such as, “You may also like...”, “Don’t forget...”, or “People who bought this also bought...” and account specific offers can be applied.

Truly measurable ROI
Applications such as Google Analytics enable businesses to easily track and measure ecommerce sites.
Stats such as number of visitors, orders processed through the site, seasonal trends, average basket values and basket abandonment rate are all measurable.

Easily accessible via online marketing
Online marketing directs prospects to your site with one click.
Email marketing, social media, Google’s Ads and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can drive traffic to your website and are all significantly cheaper than traditional advertising.

Wider audience reach
Selling online eliminates geographical restrictions leaving you free to sell your products nationally. Even globally.

Operate from any place, any time
It’s not just your customers who can be anywhere in the world. You can run your e-commerce business from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection!

Real-time stock information
With back-office integration, your ecommerce site will always be up to date and visitors will see accurate stock status information.

With so many benefits of selling online, what’s stopping you?

Redloft offers both b2b and b2c ecommerce solutions. If you are considering online selling contact us to discuss your options.