Will employees “stay home” long after Covid restrictions are lifted?

Has Covid-19 changed the way businesses operate in the long-term?

With The U.K. Government unveiling the roadmap out of lockdown, the thoughts of those forced to work at home for the past 12 months are turning to the inevitable return to work. But is it inevitable?

Whilst many business already had remote workers long before the pandemic, for some the idea of working from home was completely alien. Be it their technical restraints or the company culture - business leaders who believe, or believed, the only place for business is within the businesses own 4 walls for example.

So now, almost a year on how are businesses and indeed the workforce feeling about returning to the office?

The “COVID-19 Remote Working Survey” by Eskenzi found that a huge 90% of employees surveyed would prefer to work from home at least once a week. With over half of the respondents stating they waste less time commuting and more then a third claiming to feel less stressed, working from home clearly has its benefits in terms of staff morale and well-being.

However, remote work isn’t all about the employees. It can also positively affect the companies’ productivity and profitably. Think less office space, less travel and expenses, and more engaged, efficient employees. In fact a PWC study has revealed that "Remote work has been an overwhelming success" with over 83% of employers now saying the shift to remote work has been successful for their company.

With the Eskenzi study revealing that a third of respondents see the ideal working week as half at home and half in the office, it is yet to be seen whether employers take these staff insights onboard in the long term when we are no longer being instructed to work from home and it becomes a matter of choice.

Pre-pandemic, remote working was already growing year on year and the uptake has been accelerated by the pandemic. The concern for organisations who took a quick, knee-jerk route to working at home can often introduce security risk and exposure to data loss, as well as ensuring the right business collaboration, communication and security applications are in place.

Often when we rush into things, important aspects can be overlooked. Take the time now to reassess your set up and future-proof your IT infrastructure to make remote working effective and secure for your business for the long term.

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