Squires Kitchen Sugarcraft

Success with Redloft eCommerce for Retail and Trade

Redloft eCommerce for Retail with Sage 200 integration

Squires Kitchen Sugarcraft have experienced both growth and substantial savings with Redloft eCommerce, paving the way for an exciting future within their thriving retail business.

Squires Kitchen first contacted Redloft Technology looking to replace the ageing and problematic platform running their successful cake decorating supply shop www.squires-shop.com. The implementation of Redloft eCommerce led to a revolution in how they managed inventory. With all sales data being held and processed in Sage, they were able to bring in dramatic improvements to their supply chain management, increasing sales and significantly reducing order lead times.

Redloft eCommerce led to significant cost savings for Squires Kitchen. Accurate and reliable inventory figures, enabled them to run their stock leaner due to increased purchasing frequency, freeing up cash flow and valuable space in their warehouse. The new, easy to use and informative website, with live stock figures and extensive product information, reduced calls to their customer care team by over 50%. Simplified and streamlined order processing reduced the average lead time for shipping an in-stock order by 50% and a 40% saving in staff time taken to process an order.

Redloft eCommerce for Trade with Sage 200 integration

Significant improvements on Squires Kitchen's old online ordering portal for trade customers has led to increased customer adoption and satisfaction.

Two years after the initial success with Redloft eCommerce for Retail, Squires Kitchen decided that it was time to replace their pre-existing online trade portal with the more reliable and faster Redloft eCommerce. The new Redloft eCommerce website was instantly adopted by their existing Trade customers. They loved how quickly and efficiently they could place orders, and how the website would give them reliable estimated delivery dates, even when ordering out of stock and made to order items.

With the drastically improved online service, Squires Kitchen soon saw an increase in customer satisfaction and were spending less time taking and managing orders. Savings in administration has left Squires with more time to make use of the marketing tools included in the platform. This has proved invaluable when launching new products and ranges, leading to levels of demand that are outstripping supply.