Mission Statement

We want to be known as the company you can rely on for expert advice and the best IT solutions.

We aim to achieve our goal by focusing on technical expertise before sales and marketing. Word of mouth and recommendations are the best sales tools of all, and we believe we will be best placed to deliver on our goal by installing strong ethical principles into our business.

Since 2017, we have grown our team by adding some extremely experienced staff and have become the principal IT Services partner to many SMEs. Our clients vary from small local businesses through to national household names and multinational enterprises; we always aim to give the same level of value to our customers regardless of their size.

Since we don't employ a sales team, our clients work directly with one of our subject specialists to find solutions for their needs. This allows us to match the customer to the correct technological solution, creating much higher levels of customer satisfaction. In addition, since we focus on employing more highly skilled IT specialists instead of investing in a costly sales team, this means we can deliver superior quality solutions at better prices and without any pushy sales pitches.

The Environment

We believe we should do everything we can to have a positive impact on our environment. We are committed to looking for the best possible solutions to reduce our energy consumption, move away from fossil fuels, reduce waste to landfill, and offset CO2 and other greenhouse gasses.

  • We operate a fleet of electric vehicles to accelerate the transition to renewable energy
  • We use data centres that will use 100% renewable energy by 2025 and currently use at least 78% renewable energy
  • Where economical to do so we repair faulty equipment, otherwise all equipment is responsibly recycled
  • We partnered with Ecologi in October 2022 to offset each of our employee's personal carbon footprints*

* Based on the average annual carbon footprint for a resident of the United Kingdom of 9 Tonnes CO2e

Climate Positive Workforce

We plant 10 trees per employee every month and offset our employee's carbon footprints too!

We are committed to making sure that each of our employee's entire carbon footprint is (more than) offset. This includes home living, personal travel, holidays, food, hobbies, and everything! We achieve this by donating to carbon offset programs across the world where the most impact can be made.

We also fund the planting of 10 trees per employee each month for reforesting projects around the world. This is in addition to our carbon offsetting, as it will take many years for these trees to be mature enough to sequester carbon in large quantities. Instead tree planting will leave a legacy that delivers carbon reduction for future generations!

You can view our digital forest by visiting ecologi.com/redlofttechnology.