Secure Notes

Safely send passwords and sensitive information via encrypted, and self-destructing notes.

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About Secure Notes

No. Unique information that unlocks the secure notes is given only in the link we generate for you, we do not store this link and we can only validate that the correct link is given to us. Therefore, only someone you give the generated link to will be able to view the note. If you need to send us a password or other secure information please use this service and email us the link that is created.

Very. We store the messages using AES-256 encryption, using cryptographic secure keys and methods to ensure that your information is held as securely as possible.

Absolutely. We created this tool for free, you don't need to be a customer of ours to use it. You can also use the free service privnote.com which offers very similar functionality.

Correct. However you couldn't prevent the recipient from taking a screen capture, photo, physically writing down a copy, or even memorizing the note. What happens to the data once it reaches the recipient is their responsibility, our goal is to ensure that there are no unnecessary copies left from when you transferred the note to them.