Strategy Consulting

Let our highly experienced and knowledgeable consultants advise you on what you can do to get your IT in shape to reach your long term goals.

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Areas We Cover

IT Infrastructure

Bringing your key services up to date and utilising the latest solutions.

Asset Procurement

Get the most from your budget and workforce with the correct tools.

Software and Systems

Thoughtful design of integrated systems and development roadmaps.

Security and Resilience

Create plans around solutions for the prevention and handling of cyber attacks.

IT Strategy Planning and Consultancy

Consultancy FAQs

Yes, we will work in your best interests. If we believe there is a solution that would be ideal for you, and we don't provide that service, we will always put that solution to you for consideration.

If we put forward a solution we provide you are free to get quotes from alternative suppliers, there will be zero commitment to use our services.

This will depend on your needs, as we have a wide range of skills across different consultants we may offer you a team of consultants to work with. However will happily assign to you a consultant to lead the project to provide you with a single main contact to work with.

You will be billed at either our standard daily or hourly rate based on the time you use. We will happily discuss your needs with your prior to supplying our services and provide an estimation on the amount of time you need.

Our standard day rate is £450 excl VAT, and our hourly rate is £75 excl VAT. We invoice time used in 15 minute increments.

We are professionals within this sector, our team consists of highly experienced consultants with a variety of skills and qualifications. The familiarity between our consultants that work together on a daily basis can lead to exceptional results.

Personalised Service

Personalised consultancy based on your business

We will work the way you or your team works, using your preferred systems for project management and communication, and work to an agreed timetable. Our goal is to provide an effective and frictionless service in all that we do.

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