Microsoft Azure

Microsoft's Azure cloud computing gives you the flexibility of working anywhere with maximum security, and our Microsoft Certified consultants can provide you with exceptional support whenever you need us.

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What We Offer

Project Specification

We identify the services you need for your system and how to economize without sacrificing performance.

System Migrations

We take a methodical and planned approach to moving between systems, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Infrastructure Support

Support is offered directly by our Microsoft Certified consultants, ensuring issues are dealt with promptly.

Secure Off-Service Backup

We offer backup solutions that keep your backups in a secure data centre, outside of Azure, and in a different country.

Microsoft Azure

How We Work


Review your current system performance and workload

It's important for us to evaluate your current setup to see how well it handles your workload, measure up for the new system, and check for workloads that could be moved to another service.


Match your requirements to the correct services

Our skilled consultants know how to economize on services without sacrificing performance, so we can get you the best value system for your business.


Optimise your setup to achieve the best out of the cloud

We help you get the most out of your setup. We update your operating systems, database engine and other software, and find new ways for you to use cloud services such as Microsoft 365, and much more.


Provide support and maintenance for the life of your contract

Our team of experts will keep your system up and running smoothly, so you can focus on growing your business. If your needs change, we can adapt the solution accordingly, so that you never hit a scalability wall.

Microsoft Azure Benefits

The benefits of Microsoft Azure

If you are running an environment that uses Microsoft software like Windows Server and SQL Server then Azure makes a lot of sense.

  • Variable commitment levels of monthly, annual, and three-year
  • Microsoft licenses with extended Software Assurance
  • Systems hosted by Microsoft, allowing you to swap IT providers easier
Software Development for Azure

Software Development for Azure

If you are looking to start a software development project and you want to utilise the power of Azure to deliver your solution take a look at our Enterprise Development service.

Explore our Enterprise Development service

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