3CX have launched V20

8 Mar, 2024
Tim Mansell

Tim Mansell

Two years in the making, 3CX Version 20 Final is heralded as the future of business telephony.

Global business communications leaders, 3CX have launched V20

3CX is the fastest growing communications solution in the market today, with over 12 million daily users.

3CX has evolved from a PBX phone system to an all-encompassing communications platform, presenting businesses with a flexible, affordable solution for phone call, video and live chat.

Two years in the making, 3CX Version 20 Final is heralded as the future of business telephony.

3CX say, “Continuing to build upon our strengths in the small to mid sized market, we’re demonstrating just how easy it is for companies seeking to directly control their end-to-end business communications, with a fully optimised system created for future market realities.”

The release delivers a multitude of impressive updates and brand new features. This article merely scratches the surface of what’s to come, offering a concise overview of V20. For the full press release visit 3cx.com


The 3CX Version 20 release has delivered on key security promises, including:

- A network stack rebuild.

- A dedicated build environment both hardened and isolated.

- New EDR monitoring tools.

- Off-site 24/7 monitoring, staffed by threat-hunting specialists.

- Stricter access control policies at all levels on a Zero Trust model.


Despite the portfolio expansion, 3CX also remains true to its roots. Call Manager has been rewritten to deliver best in class call centre functionality.

The new SIP Call Manager includes:

- Additional queue strategies, such as target agents with multiple calls and better call barge in and pick up for call centre supervisors.

- Programmable queues allowing organisations to build a tailored call center application.

- Improved reporting with new integration capabilities to applications such as Grafana.

- A powerful API to allow companies to build telephony applications easily.

Native Windows Softphone

One of the biggest additions made available in V20 is a native 3CX Windows softphone, built from the ground up.

The app runs in conjunction with the 3CX Web Client, in the same way as the iOS and Android apps. It comes with a proper answer dialog, as opposed to a simple call notification and, as a native softphone, audio control can also be independent from the browser.

Microsoft Store Deployment

The new native app is deployed via the Windows store, presenting far greater security from the outset as each Windows native app is security checked by Microsoft.

3CX can also separately update the softphone from the main 3CX build for better manageability.

The 3CX softphone eliminates the need for the electron-based desktop app.

All new Admin Console

The 3CX Admin Console replaces the former Management Console, modernising the complete management interface. Users can switch to and from the Admin Console easily from within the client, using the same login and URL.

Many advanced features have been simplified and built with the end user in mind.

Event logs in the new Admin Console provide much more detail than ever before and the new VoIP quality monitor makes locating networking issues quick and simple.

Permission setting with Departments

In V20, “Groups” has been replaced by “Departments”. Departments have their own office hours, time zone, language settings, holidays and extensions.

Departments are the basis for setting more granular permissions. However, organisations that don’t want to use the newly introduced Departments can retain the one default group included with every 3CX install.

Upgrading to 3CX V20

3CX V20 see’s a full re-design of the 3CX architecture from the ground up. It delivers so much more than any typical new version release.

For help upgrading your existing installation to V20 or to talk to a cloud-based telecoms expert about how 3CX can help your business connect and collaborate, contact us today.

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